For over 20 years, Echo Ink Review has been a respected literary journal dedicated to assisting aspiring and established writers. Today, we are the premier online writer’s journal geared toward helping writers hone their craft, complete their projects, and earn their livings–as writers.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to provide environment, venue, and training for talented aspiring, and established writers looking for a place to write, a place to publish, and opportunities to learn the tradecraft of writing.

Virtual Co-working Writer’s Desk

Imagine having an office job with other fiction writers, graphic novelists, and commercial-writing professionals. Imagine being able to network, collaborate, and enjoy the company of other writers.

Echo Ink Review online writing provides you a place to write where you can enjoy your privacy without the isolation.

Publishing Platforms

Whether you write short stories or novels, comics or graphic novels, interactive fiction apps or virtual reality experiences, Echo Ink Review offers you the ability to publish your stories via a variety of platforms.

Publishing platform resources include traditional print, e-book formatting, apps for Android and Apple smart phones, experiences for Google Daydream, Sony Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive,

Commercial Writing

The need for SEO content writers is increasing by 8 percent per year. lists the average wage for content writing as $17.59 per hour. Ziprecruiter places the average pay at $23.55 per hour.

Echo Ink Review's paid commercial writing workshop helps aspiring writers gain the skills, experience, and resume necessary to compete for writing jobs.

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Co-working Writer's Space

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Content Writing

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Short Fiction

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Author Submissions


4-Month Response Time

  • poetry
  • flash fiction
  • short fiction
  • novel excerpts
  • illustrations
  • comics
  • VR scripts
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workshop: fiction



  • virtual co-working writing space
  • short stories, novels
  • graphic novels & VR
  • in-depth feedback
  • self-publishing resources
  • android and apple app platform
  • graphic design assistance
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paid workshop: content writing


paid to you: per month

  • learn to be an SEO content-writer
  • gain 12-months experience
  • receive updated writer’s resume
  • launch monetized commercial blog
  • job-placement assistance
  • requires daily participation
  • earn $100 per month
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